The complete repertoire for saxophone, piano and percussion is now listed at Wikipedia here. The list includes details of first performances and from it you can see all the works Trio Accanto ever premiered.

New works are being currently written for Trio Accanto by the following composers:

(Premiere in 2017:)

Helena Tulve: New Work  - premiere AFEKT Tallinn 1 November 2017

Michael Finnissy: Opera of the Nobility (2017) - premiere AFEKT Tallinn 1 November 2017

(Premiere in 2018:)

Christian Wolff: Trio IX (Accanto) (2017) - premiere Wien Modern 2018

Marco Momi - premiere Insel Hombroich 2018

Misato Mochizuki

Evan Johnson

Georg Friedrich Haas - premiere Witten 2018

Beat Furrer - premiere Witten 2018

Old works freshly programmed in the coming season:

Lachenmann: Sakura-Variationen (2000)

Lachenmann: Berliner Kirschblüten (2008)

Smolka: fff (Fortissimo feroce Fittipaldi) (2010)

Finally, below is the repertoire performed by the trio since 2013, and in large part still current:

Ablinger: Regenstück (2006)

Andre: durch (2004-5)

Aperghis: Trio Funambule (2014)

Chaloupka: Whispering-Bisbigliando (2013)

Clementi: Tre Ricercari (2000)

Dohmen: Versi Rapportati (2012-2013)

Hosokawa: Vertical time study II (1993)

Khorkova: klangNarbe (2014-15)

Kôndô: A Shrub (2000)

Pauset: Adagio Dialettico (2000)

Prins: Mirror Box (Flesh + Prosthesis #3) (2014)

Riehm: Basar Aleppo oder Die Straße nach Tyros (2014)

Rihm: Gegenstück (2004)

Schöllhorn: Sinaïa 1916 (2015)

Schüttler: xerox (2003/2016)

Sotelo: De Magia (1995)

Thomalla: Lied (2007-2008)

Zimmermann: As I was walking I came upon chance (1998/2008)

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