Johnson: Plan and section of the same reservoir

Commissioned by Trio Accanto with funding from the Siemens Music Foundation and the Luxembourg Philharmonie

Duration: ca. 15′


11 February 2020, Luxembourg Philharmonie, Luxembourg - world premiere
postponed: 16 August 2020, Lucerne Festival
postponed: 26 October 2020, Teatro Elfo Puccini, Milan (Milano Musica)
28 May 2021, Teatro Elfo Puccini, Milan (Milano Musica)

28 August 2021, 11am, Lucerne Festival

Composer’s note:

Several canons, as usual; several scrims laid over them: some general (atmospheric, constant), some of varying subjectivities, physicalities, modes of rhetoric: stuttering, breathing, scraping, whistling. “Plan and section”: i.e. a pale, colorless, wavering, stumbling surface, seen from above, or maybe from the side.

Evan Johnson

© Trio Accanto 2021