Next concerts:

16 June 2018

Delian Academy, Mykonos, Greece

Georges Aperghis: Trio Funambule (2014) (Greek premiere)
Michael Finnissy: Opera of the Nobility (2017) (Greek premiere)
+ student pieces

Trio Accanto will also be working with young composers during the Academy.
For more information see

15 July 2018, 2pm

Orangerie, Darmstadt (Darmstädter Ferienkurse)

Martin Schüttler: xerox (2003/2016) 10’
Yu Kuwabara: In Between (2018) 8’ German premiere
Marco Momi: VUOI CHE PERDUTI (2018) 20’
- interval -
Stefan Prins: Mirror Box (Flesh + Prosthesis #3) (2014) 23’

3 November 2018, 19.30

Mozart-Saal, Konzerthaus, Wien (Wien Modern)

John Cage: Concert for Piano and Orchestra (1958) 10'
Christian Wolff: Trio IX - Accanto (2017) 20’ - world premiere
- interval -
Christian Wolff: Exercises 29-31 (2011) 12'
Georg Friedrich Haas: Blumenwiese 1-3 (2017-18) 27’ - Austrian premiere

Past concerts:

20 May 2018, 17.00

Insel Hombroich Festival

Michael Finnissy: Opera of the Nobility (2017)
Rolf Riehm: Basar Aleppo oder Die Straße nach Tyros (2014)
- interval -
Marco Momi: VUOI CHE PERDUTI (2018)
Martin Schüttler: xerox (2003/16)
Georges Aperghis: Trio Funambule (2014)

27 April 2018

Wittener Tage für neue Kammermusik

Marco Momi : VUOI CHE PERDUTI (2018) - world premiere
Georg Friedrich Haas: Blumenwiese 1-3 (2017-18) - world premiere

1 November 2017

Festival AFEKT, Tallinn
(venue: Museum of Estonian Architecture. Tallinn, Estonia)

Andreas Dohmen: Versi Rapportati (2012-13)
Toshio Hosokawa: Für Walter – Arc Song II (2010)
Michael Finnissy: Opera of the Nobility (2017) - world premiere
Helena Tulve: The Night-Sea Journey (2017) - world premiere
Georges Aperghis: Trio Funambule (2014)

10-13 April 2017

WDR Köln

In the studio, recording a CD for Wergo: Songs and Poems

16. Februar 2017

Impuls, Graz

Pieces resulting from the workshop for composers (details here)

Wolfgang Rihm: Gegenstück (2006)

Mark Andre: durch (2004-5)

Stefan Prins: Mirror Box (Flesh+Prosthesis #3) (2014)

13 January 2017, 20:30

Kunstraum Walcheturm, Kanonengasse 20, 8004 Zürich

Aldo Clementi: Tre Ricercari (2000), für Altsaxophon, Klavier und Celesta

Stefan Prins: Mirror Box (Flesh+Prothesis #3) (2014), für Sopran- und Tenorsaxophon, Klavier und Schlagzeug und Elektronik


Martin Schüttler: xerox (2003, Uraufführung der Neufassung 2016), für Altsaxophon, Klavier und Schlagzeug

Walter Zimmermann: As I was walking I came upon chance (2008), für Tenorsaxophon, Klavier und Schlagzeug

29 October 2016

concert in Transit Festival, Leuven, Belgium

Georges Aperghis: Trio Funambule (2014)

Johannes Schöllhorn: Sinaïa 1916 (2015)

Stefan Prins: Mirror Box (Flesh+Prosthesis #3) (2014)

9 July 2016

concert in Viitasaari, Finland

Mauricio Sotelo: De Magia (1995)

Aldo Clementi: Tre Ricercari (2000)

Walter Zimmermann: As I was walking I came upon chance (1998/2008) - first performance of revised version

Stefan Prins: Mirror Box (Flesh+Prosthesis #3) (2014)

January 2016

Stuttgart: recording for Wergo of music by Aperghis, Prins, Riehm and Schöllhorn 

November 2015

Köln: Recording for Deutsche Musikrat/Wergo of music by Marina Khorkova

1 June 2015 

concert in Luxemburg in the series „Musiques d’aujourd’hui“ at the Philharmonie.

Rolf Riehm: Basar Aleppo oder Die Straße nach Tyros (2014) (WP)
Johannes Schöllhorn (WP), Wolfgang Rihm, Peter Ablinger and Georges Aperghis  

6 February 2015 

concert in Stuttgart (Germany) at SWR Eclat Festival. 

Stefan Prins: Mirror Box - world premiere
Georges Aperghis: Trio Funambule - world premiere
Andreas Dohmen: versi rapportatit

November 2014 

concert in Huddersfield (UK) at HCMF. 

Works by Hans Thomalla, Brice Pauset, Andreas Dohmen and Toshio Hosokawa

July, 2014 

concert in Darmstadt (Germany) at the Ferienkurse für neue Musik. 

Works by Marina Khorkova (world premiere), Hans Thomalla and Mark Andre

December 16, 2013 

concert in Cologne (Germany) at „Ensemble Europa“ at the WDR. 

Works by Mark Andre, Toshio Hosokawa and Andreas Dohmen (world premiere)

November 1, 2013 

concert in Prague (Czech Republic) at the CONTEMPULS festival. 

Works by Frantisek Chaloupka (world premiere), Toshio Hosokawa, Jo Kondo, Brice Pauset, and Hans Thomalla

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